Vienna Acoustics Webern Loudspeaker

The goal in developing WEBERN was to combine the technical benefits, functionality, and beauty of BERG with the maximum output capabilities possible at WEBERN´s larger, yet compact, size.

The prescribed transmission function was specially designed to support the task with its “outside the driver parts” in the form of crossover filter components, and the use of dual fully shielded midrange drivers operating in parallel to provide for a breathtaking dynamic performance to delight every listener.

Combined with our handcoated silk dome tweeter, featuring a totally new three-neodymium magnet construction, WEBERN reaches maximum output with natural ease and clarity.

$1,349.00 each in Silver

$1,449.00 each in Piano Black Lacquer


System Type: 2-way system - 6/12 Bessel
Bass System: Closed cabinet

Frequency Response: 60Hz ­ 25kHz
Mid-Woofer: 2 x 6” transparent XPP cone
Tweeter: 3-magnet Neodymium VA ventilated chamber
Shielding: 100%

Sensitivity: 91dB
Impedance: 4 ohms, nominal
Recommended Power: 30-200W, without clipping

Weight per Speaker: 16.5 lbs.
Dimensions(WxHxD): 10-1/2 x 19-3/4 x 3-1/2 inches


During the development of the cabinet for WEBERN, extensive research into ideal conditions for near-wall speaker application led to a thorough solution that results in a number of positioning options.

One option is an ingenious aluminum wall-mounting device, unrivalled in its ability to provide the best environment for superior sound quality. Three positons are afforded by this device, enabling it to be angled toward the listening positioning for best performance. The spike which fixes the angled position presses the cabinet against a rubber decoupling device, therefore damping and silencing the interface point between wall and speaker, preventing detrimental resonance from being transferred between wall and speaker. Additionally, this wall-mounting device allows not only for vertical but for horizontal positioning as well, allowing WEBERN to be used as a center speaker with a plasma-television or projector.

WEBERN'S cabinet also combines the finest in technique with the best in function. In addition to the synergy of the aluminum panels and damping materials to control exterior resonance, the benefit of the speaker´s shape is the lack of parallel walls, which avoids internal standing waves. The surface of WEBERN is treated in the highest grade of aluminium processing; after precisely machined and CNC milled, all aluminum parts are bead blasted and transparently anodized.

No matter which positioning option is chosen, the beautifully curved cabinet will always be in smooth harmony with any wall and listening room.

Three positioning options for WEBERN are offered. Use the heavy aluminium vertically oriented tabletop stand for shelf placement, or choose the wall-mount bracket that allows for three angled vertical or horizontal positions. Additionally, when WEBERN is used as a center-channel speaker, a horizontal orientation tabletop stand is available.

By crafting flat speakers of aluminium, Vienna Acoustics created a new process to realize a sonically and functionally elegant solution of integrating great sound into the home. With their breathtaking realism and lovely musicality they will amaze, no matter if chosen for a film sound or stereo music system.

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