Vienna Acoustics Subson Loudspeaker

The stunning authority of SUBSON increases every musical experience by providing extreme low bass, which in turn increases the dimensional scale of the soundstage, adding a greater sense of the recording venue and natural body to every instrumental voice.

With a depth of only eight inches it is easy to understand why SUBSON is called the first "Flatwoofer," optimized for near-wall application. No matter if SUBSON is used in a stereo or home theater system, the new musical dimensions derived from the sonic abilities and sheer power of SUBSON will amaze you.

SUBSON'S musical qualities are of first priority and a subwoofer’s ability to respond instantaneously and deftly to the smallest dynamic and pitch changes are vital to exploiting what true low bass extension can provide to enhance the total experience of reproduced music.

$2,749.00 each in Silver
$2,999.00 each in Piano Black


System Type: Active Subwoofer
Bass System: Closed cabinet

Frequency Response: 20Hz ­ 100Hz
Mid-Woofer: 1 x 12” Air-dried paper cone, carbon-filled
Tweeter: 3-magnet Neodymium VA ventilated chamber
Low Pass Filter: 24dB / octave

Turn On: Music Detection, stand-by <1 Watt
Phase 0/180 degree switch
Power Output: 30 - 180 Watts
Input: Dual, High-Level / Double Cinch

Weight per Speaker: 58 lbs.
Dimensions(WxHxD): 25-1/4 x 15-3/4 x 8-1/2 inches
Positioning: Floor standing, near-wall


In order to achieve this level of musicality, it is imperative that the finest components be designed for use in SUBSON. The massive 12-inch Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) driver features an air-dried paper cone reinforced by carbon-fibres for ultimate rigidity. Together with the long-throw voice coil construction and zero-loss suspension it is able to handle with ease the lowest of frequencies at maximum output.

An amplifier of sufficient power output and control is needed to take advantage of the unique features of this driver. SUBSON’S amplifier delivers a clean 220 watts of audio power allowing the woofer to perform at high sound pressure levels without any increase of harmonic distortion. An extremely steep 24dB/octave low-pass filter performs all of SUBSON'S crossover functions seamlessly from the BERG, WEBERN or SCHÖNBERG models.

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