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“To the age its art, to art its freedom”

These are the words above the entry of the famous Secession in Vienna´s city center. From its beginning, the most significant contributor and father, Gustav Klimt became forever immortalized into the art fabric that is Vienna. Passion, innovation and harmony are only a few of the words that evoke Klimt and his art.

The Music represents an entirely new way of producing music. Built around our revolutionary patented Flat-Spider- Cone midrange, we mount a beautifully hand crafted silk dome tweeter. To product the air above and bass below this Music Center, we have employed the Murata Super-Tweeter and (3) 23cm proprietary X3P Spider-Cone woofers.

Available Finishes: Sapele and Piano Black

$33,000 / pr.

Klimt Series Speaker Finishes


System Type: 3-way system, employing integrated subwoofers

Frequency Response: 22 - 100.000 Hz

Bass Drivers:
3 x 9" Vienna Acoustics Spidercones, manufactured by Eton Germany
Midrange Coax Driver:
1 x 7" Vienna Acoustics Flat-Spider, 1 x 1" , handcoated vented neodym- magnet powered silk dome, manufactured by Eton Germany
Supertweeter: 0,5" Murata

Sensitivity: 91dB
4 ohms

Recommended Power:
Amplifiers from 50 to 500 watts

Weight Per Speaker: 180 Ibs. / 82 kg

10.75 x 50.98 x 24.80 inches
273 x 1295 x 630 mm


Above and Below.

While the top-unit handles mid and upper bass in its own enclosure, below this primary driver we built a separate large enclosure, featuring 3 proprietary bass drivers, each with our on proprietary 25 cm ultra rigid NAWI cones die cast by Spidercone-framing (finally assembled also by Eton Germany), handling the frequencies from 18 Hz to 100 Hz. The 3 units are working in parallel, while the upper bass operates in its own chamber.

Finally, a remarkable Supertweeter, manufactured by the Japanese high-end specialist Murata, tops the lower enclosure, extending response from 20.000 Hz upwards to 100.000 Hz.

During development we revealed that piezo technology, which is used in the supertweeter, has superior advantages above 20.000 Hz (optimum dispersion, acting like balloon inflating).

Form follows function.

The total decoupling from the bass chambers allows the coax music center, in its dedicated housing, to reach the absolute optimum in clarity and naturalness in sound. The cabinetry is clearly evolved to make the most of this technology; the separate topunit enclosure is decoupled from the bass enclosure by a high-tec, drawn aluminium swivel joint, which allows optimum room tuning by enable not only adjustment for rake, but also for toe-in.

This allows you to create a sweet zone rather than a narrow sweet spot. By adjusting the dedicated coax point source cabinet and directing it like swivelling a flashlight you are able to easily create the sweet zone wherever wanted. Furthermore this allows for optimizing the sound to any room condition as many rooms will strongly benefit from the reduction of the disturbing early reflections which cannot properly be separated from the direct signal by the human ear.

As always, the speakers´veneer and finish quality is to the highest of standards. "THE MUSIC" is available in true Piano Black version and Sapele veneer finish.

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