Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand - Symphony Edition Loudspeakers

Elegantly slim in stature, the floor standing Vienna Acoustics Mozart features dual 5.5" XPP woofers and a very high-performance 1" soft dome tweeter. Multiple, asymmetrical chambers in enclosure for maximum bass control and extension. Sand fillable chamber in bottom for mass and stability. Excellent in either a two channel or home theater system. Rear ported design.

The immediate appeal of the elegantly moving melodic lines of Mozart’s music is grounded on subtly sophisticated musical structures.

Similarly, while the elegant lines of the Mozart Grand cabinets are immediately appealing, the speaker’s ability to effortlessly convey a moving musical moment is based on a foundation of subtly sophisticated design elements. The dual 6” X3P mid-bass drivers work independently to provide the ideal surface area to produce the complete range of middle and low frequencies with clarity and control, while the 1” silk dome tweeter delivers open and extended high-frequency response.

A highly efficient linear crossover marries these drivers to the high-resolution tweeter so that all frequencies are articulated with a natural balance and ease.

$3,998.00 pr (Piano Black, Cherry)
$4,498.00 pr (Rosewood, Piano White)



1.1" Silk Dome
2 x 6" X3P Cone
Bass System:
Bass Reflex
Bass Function :
Impulse Optimizing QB 3 (Quasi Butterworth)

Crossover Components:
MKP Capacitors, 1% tolerance Air Coils, 0.7% tolerance
Metal Film Resistors, 1% tolerance
inductance free
Crossover Function:
2-1/2 way (lower driver tapers off with rising frequency) 6dB and 12dB Bessel
4 ohms
Frequency Response:
32Hz - 22kHz

Recommended Amplifier Power:
30 - 200 watts
114 lbs per pair
Dimensions (W x H x D):
6.7 x 37 x11.6inches (without spikes)
170 x 940 x 295mm (without spikes)
Optimized aluminum spikes included

The new dual 6” mid/bass drivers featured in the Mozart Grand benefit from a reformulation of Vienna Acoustics’ proprietary XPP cone material. Combining TPX, the unique thermoplastic used in all XPP cones, with three polypropylene based synthetics achieves maximum inner damping, ultralow mass, and precise control over cone density and rigidity. Dubbed X3P (X3P because of the three additional polymers in its composition) this new cone material allows the driver to provide an extraordinarily wide bandwidth, while possessing a level of inner detail, quietness, and control that is truly remarkable.

Further sonic benefits derive from a new inverted rubber surround design and formulation that constitutes a breakthrough in no loss damping of cone edge resonances.

A new, “two and a half way,” crossover system is employed. The mid/bass drivers do not work in parallel, but instead the lower driver tapers off with rising frequency, while the upper woofer plays full range. This enables the perfect dispersion pattern regardless of frequency being produced. Higher frequencies take advantage of a smaller reproduction surface, while in the bass region both drivers are at full output, resulting in the advantage of a larger surface area to produce the lowest frequencies, with the effect of superiour dynamics in bass reproduction, with remarkable power and control.

The new tweeter was developed by Vienna Acoustics, in conjunction with Scan Speak, resulting in greater resolution of the subtlest of high frequency impulses while maintaining the midrange warmth and clarity for which Vienna Acoustics has been renowned.

A completely new linear crossover layout, with the copper circuit paths arranged in the direction of electron flow, takes into account the potential for sympathetic and parasitic interactions among crossover components that may inject unwanted noise and distortions while allowing for more direct and efficient transfer of signal to the drivers which leads to a greater level of detail and purity.


New proprietary cabling, consisting of large scale solid copper conductors, with each cable pairing precisely twisted a prescribed number of turns for the particular length of each cable so that any noise injection through the wiring harness is avoided.

New gold-and-silver alloy terminal for lowest transfer resistance and durability are directly connected to the crossover circuit board to ensure complete current delivery and no loss of clarity in the signal transfer from binding post to crossover.

Cabinets boast massive front and rear baffles for maximum rigidity and resonance control.

Maple and Cherry finishes join a revised Rosewood, applied to the highest of standards using the state-of-the-art veneer-wrapping technology for the front and rear baffles first pioneered on the Classic series. A true Piano Black lacquer is now available, the quality of which will permit inclusion into any living room as it mirrors its surroundings.

Innovative and unique grilles feature an aluminum frame that incorporates an integral V-shaped phase diffusor to control dispersion so that they can be left on for all but the most critical listening without an adverse influence on performance. In fact, it can be used as an additional tuning device for the audio enthusiast, benefiting soundstage presentation both in depth and stereo imaging. As an additional benefit, the V-shaped groove running the length of the middle of the grille results in a more elegant appearance for
the speaker.

Special decoupling and stability optimization through the use of a highpressure die cast aluminum spike assembly and solid steel spikes further improve performance.


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