The Klimt Series Loudspeakers:
The Music Floorstanding Loudspeaker
The Kiss Stand Mounted Loudspeaker

Poetry Center Channel Loudspeaker

Concert Grand Series Loudspeakers:

Beethoven Concert Grand Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Beethoven Baby Grand Symphony Edition Floorstanding Loudspeaker
Mozart Grand Symphony Edition Floorstanding Loudspeaker
Haydn Grand Symphony Edition Bookshelf Loudspeaker
Maestro Grand Center Channel Loudspeaker
Theatro Grand Center Channel Loudspeaker
Waltz Grand On-Wall Loudspeaker
Principal Grand Subwoofer

The Schöenberg Series:

Schoenberg On-Wall or Freestanding Loudspeaker
Webern On-Wall or Freestanding Loudspeaker
Berg On-Wall or Freestanding Loudspeaker
Trio On-Wall Loudspeaker
Subson Subwoofer


The Music Company

Vienna is famous the world over for its unique musical heritage. No other city can lay claim to being the birthplace of western classical music. Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss the list goes on. Vienna Acoustics Loudspeakers represent the embodiment of this passion, the Viennese heritage of musical excellence brought to life in loudspeakers that bend technology to the service of music.

Cabinet Construction & Design

Vienna Acoustics speaker cabinets are designed using the latest computer analysis techniques to ensure that they are structurally inert. They are then carefully built to true furniture grade standards. Fine natural wood veneers or selected acrylic laminates provide the finishing touch.

All of the designs feature narrow front baffles, thereby minimizing early reflections and edge diffraction. The result is an open, transparent image that allows the listener to hear far into the soundstage

Driver Design

The cone is the most critical contributor to the sound of a modern driver. Overlooking certain aspects of a cone's performance, especially maximizing stiffness without regard for good self-damping, results in less than musical sounding drivers.

A new optically transparent synthetic material "XPP" combines the precision and transparency of hard cones with the smoothness and musicality of softer material. When used with properly designed crossovers that feature a very gentle taper or slope, these cones are capable of rendering music with great power and precision.

Crossover Design & Input Terminal Block

As the signal enters a loudspeaker, a critical juncture is reached. Normally, the signal passes through several connections with additional wiring to a remotely located crossover. This has the negative effect of decoupling the amplifier from the speaker resulting in loss of clarity.

Vienna Acoustics has addressed this issue by designing proprietary terminal blocks that form a direct connection to the speaker terminals. Further advances have been made in the elimination of variations in coil inductance by employing a specially designed robot able to hold a tolerance of only 0.7%.

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