Peachtree Audio nova65SE Amplifier

nova220SE - Musical Performance in the Real World

The nova65SE is an integrated amplifier, DAC, and headphone amp all rolled into one. Its combination of high output power, transparent sound, and digital and analog connectivity make it simple to enjoy all of your music with uncompromising quality.

With five inputs, including 24/192 Asynchronous USB, you can enjoy computer and streaming audio with incredible high fidelity sound

Pride of Ownership
The nova65SE has a timeless industrial design that fits naturally in the home. The wood cabinet is sourced from sustainable resources and is available in three premium finishes: rosewood, high gloss black, and cherry. The front panel is made from six-millimeter thick bead blasted aluminum with a soft cool gray finish. These are some of the simple touches that provide pride of ownership in an age of disposable hardware.

Powerful Amplification
Peachtree amplifiers are rated "all channels driven" from 20Hz to 20kHz (full bandwidth of human hearing) to provide real world power ratings. Featuring an amplifier that delivers up to 95 watts per channel (4O), the nova65SE is the perfect partner for efficient speakers, near-field desktop systems and for listeners that value quality over quantity of sound.

If your listening habits or speakers require more power to sound their best, check out the even more powerful nova125SE and nova220SE.

Optional BT1 aptX® Bluetooth Music Receiver
The new Peachtree Audio BT1 Bluetooth Music Receiver is the easiest way to bridge your phone or tablet to your Peachtree system. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, you can stream audio from all of your favorite apps like Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM, TuneIn Radio and more. The BT1 is designed to work perfectly and easily with your Peachtree Audio SE series integrated amplifier. Learn more.




nova65SE Amplifier Features:

• Powerful amplification: 65 watts per channel 8ohms, 95 watts per channel 4ohms.

• High-resolution 24-bit/192kHz DAC with reclocking to minimize jitter

• 24/192 Asynchronous USB input for high performance computer audio

• Optical and coax digital inputs to upgrade digital music streamers like Sonos Connect and Apple TV

• Pure analog input for your turntable/phono preamp, tuner, SACD player

• Audiophile headphone amplifier for high performance headphones

• Selectable triode tube buffer for more natural sound

The Reasons It Sounds So Good

The ESS Sabre DAC is the world’s first chipset designed from the ground up to eliminate the anti-musical, high amount of jitter that is commonly found in computers and digital streamers. Using a patented process called HyperstreamTM the Sabre DAC buffers the incoming digital bitstream and reclocks it from thousands of picoseconds of jitter to less than 3 picoseconds. That means your computer, smart phone, and streamer can have sonic performance equal to the world’s best CD players.

The 24/192 Asynchronous USB Input has a major impact on the overall sound quality of the nova65SE. Asynchronous communication keeps digital jitter at bay by not relying on the audio clock in the computer, which can get thrown off time by the thousands of processes running in your operating system’s background. The USB input on the nova65SE provides the best possible resolution, which furthers the efforts of the ESS Sabre DAC.

Galvanic Isolation blocks electrical noise from all of the digital inputs on the nova65SE. Computers and digital streamers are prime sources of electrical noise. Electrical noise, even noise that you can’t hear directly, masks fine details and distorts the tone of music. Galvanic isolation eliminates this noise.

The Tube Buffer can be switched on via a button on the remote control to add a dose of warmth and take the hard edge off compressed audio sources like MP3s. The single 6N1P triode will last years for the average listener – it’s easy to change and inexpensive to replace.

The 65 watt per channel Power Amp takes economical audio performance to a whole new level with advances including extended bandwidth, improved dynamic range, and exceptionally low distortion. The high current output stage delivers even more power into lower impedance speakers: 95 watts per channel at 4 ohms. Listen to the nova65SE on your favorite speakers and be impressed.

The Headphone Amp enables you to listen in solitude without sacrificing sound quality. Most headphones need more than the tiny amount of power that trickles out of the headphone jack from your computer or iPod. Plug your phones into the nova65SE and hear what they sound like with copious amounts of undistorted power driving them.

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