Paradigm Studio Reference Loudspeakers



ParadigmŪ Reference is the leading-edge high-end division of Paradigm, dedicated to providing state-of-the-art performance for the absolute finest in music and home theater sound!

The design mandate for ParadigmŪ Reference includes very ambitious goals: vanishing levels of coloration, substantial gains in timbrel accuracy, significant imaging improvements - in dimensional spaciousness as well as localization - and finally, tangible improvements in bass articulation, pace and the ability to resolve dynamic contrasts.

To achieve these lofty goals, ParadigmŪ Reference uses the most sophisticated high-performance drive units available, highly advanced enclosure technologies and highly refined crossovers to achieve all new standards in sound performance and technological design excellence.

Paradigm® Reference Studio speakers set an all-new performance benchmark in high-end sound. Embracing Paradigm's comprehensive resources and vast experience, they offer the highest standard of technological excellence, providing breathtaking musical reproduction that captures the very essence of the original performannce.

While this stunning performance heightens the sheer enjoyment of music, it is equally important for the finest in home theater sound. Movie soundtracks are a complex mix of vocal dialogue, music and action effects. This combination requires a level of articulation and spatial representation that few movie theaters are capable of reproducing.

Paradigm® Reference speakers exceed established high-end home theater sound by expanding the sheer size, scale ans dynamics of the acoustic soundstage. Begin with Paradigm® Reference front speakers then add a superb Reference CC center channel, extraordinary ADP-470 surrounds/rears and the deep, visceral impact of a Paradigm® Reference subwoofer for unparalled state-of-the-art home theater sound.

Studio 10
Studio 20
Studio 60
Studio 100 (Pictured Above)
Studio CC-490 Center Channel
Studio CC-590 Center Channel
Studio CC-690 Center Channel

Sub 12 Subwoofer

Sub 15 Subwoofer

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