In the confusing array of similar cable brands and manufacturers, one company stands apart. That company is Nordost, creators of the original Flatline cable. Today Nordost offer a multitude of high performance cables encompassing all areas of home entertainment. Derived from technology developed for the aerospace industry, Nordosts’ unique patented designs and proprietary Teflon® extrusion process produces a level of performance that other cable companies can only dream of.

At Nordost, cable design is not a ‘Black Art’ based on trial and error and questionable pseudo-scientific claims; rather, all Nordost cables are manufactured to a degree of accuracy and concentricity that is unmatched in the cable industry. The result of this state of the art technology is a product which will delight and move you with its musical performance.

Black Knight
Solar Wind
Blue Heaven
Red Dawn
MoonGlo Digital
Silver Shadow Digital
OPTIX Video Cable
SPM Reference
Quattro Fil Reference



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