Lejonklou Slipsik 5 Moving Magnet Phono Stage

Lejonklou Slipsik 5 Moving Magnet Phono Stage - Side

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Lejonklou Slipsik 5 Moving Magnet Phono Stage - Front

Slipsik is a standalone reference quality moving magnet (MM) phono preamplifier which was first introduced in October 2006. In March 2010 a new version, Slipsik 5, was introduced. Slipsik 5 is the result of a complete redesign, where a number of alternative designs have been tried until the best one was settled upon. Performance has taken a bigger leap than with any of the previous improvements that it has received since its introduction.


Significant Design Features:

The Slipsik is housed in a very compact aluminium enclosure that measures 57 mm in height, 103 mm in width and 180 mm in depth. Available colors are black, silver and gloss white.

While being constructed each individual Slipsik is calibrated to assure the best possible musical performance. The calibration procedure, when fixed resistors are soldered in place, takes place after the circuit board has been running warm for 24 hours. It not only elevates performance, but also reduces unit to unit variation.

Older units are fully upgradeable to latest specifications. To arrange an upgrade, regardless of age, please contact Overture Audio.

Download Owner's Manual (PDF: 114kB)

The Reason Behind the Slipsik 5 (PDF: 88kB)

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