Lejonklou Kinki 3 Moving Magnet Phono Stage

Lejonklou Kinki 3 Moving Magnet Phono Stage - Side

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Lejonklou Kinki 3 Moving Magnet Phono Stage - Front

Kinki is a standalone high quality moving magnet phono preamplifier.

Introduced in october 2007, it comes in a very compact anodised aluminium enclosure that occupies 59 mm in height, 103 mm in width and 180 mm in depth.

It is currently available in a European, a British and a North American version.


Significant Design Features:

Kinki is our second best phono preamplifier. It has received rave reviews by both HiFi shops and customers. Many construction details and sound qualities are similar to those of our reference phono preamplifier, Slipsik. But the price of Kinki is around half.

In February 2009, the significantly improved version Kinki 2 was released. While the exterior remained identical, the circuit had a new power regulation and the load for the cartridge was altered. The result was a Kinki that is more tuneful and enjoyable than its predecessor. A minor upgrade to version 2.1 was made in September 2009. Every original Kinki can very cost effectively be upgraded to version 2.1.

In December 2009 a new and redesigned version was released: KINKI3. The appearance has been improved, with a grey printing on both front and rear plates. Sound quality is better, due to a new and optimised circuit board layout, with shorter signal paths and a different grounding of the inputs. Due to the entire circuit board having been redesigned, older Kinki's can unfortunately not be upgraded to version 3.

We dare to claim that KINKI3 is one of the best Moving Magnet phono preamps in the world. It outperforms all models of our reference phono preamp Slipsik, with the exception of the latest versions (above 4.4). As such, KINKI3 represents exceptional value for money.

Download Owner's Manual (PDF: 110kB)

The Reason Behind the Kinki 3 (PDF: 92kB)

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