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Lejonklou Kikkin 2.1 Volume Control - Side

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Lejonklou Kikkin 2.1 Volume Control - Front

Kikkin is a remote controlled volume control in stereo.

The purpose of Kikkin is to offer maximal sound quality at a minimal price for those who primarily use one source in their HiFi system. 98% of the costs of a Kikkin is sound related and 2% make sure it's functional and easy to use.

Kikkin has four functions, all controlled by remote: Raise volume, decrease volume, temporarily lower the volume and full mute. A coloured light on the front indicates which is the current volume setting. As the colour can be seen from a distance, it's far easier to read than a conventional display.


Significant Design Features:

New! In November 2009, the significantly improved version Kikkin 2 was released. It has even less distortion and is more musically involving than its predecessor. An upgrade is available for original Kikkins. In March 2010, a new firmware provided new functionality and improved sound quality. The latest version of Kikkin is 2.1.

Why does Kikkin sound so good?

* Minimalism: Kikkin consists of two inputs, one high quality volume control, two powerful output stages that can drive almost anything and a separate optimised circuit for logic and control.

* Optimisation: Each and every unit is measured, listened to and fine tuned to perform optimally. This not only raises its performance, but also make different specimen sound almost identically.

* Power supply: The power supply of Kikkin has been developed during a long time. The aim has been to make sure it doesn't interfere with the musical signal.

* Circuit board: A careful layout has a large impact on sound quality. Kikkin has eight different ground planes to minimise all possible negative effects on the musical signal.

* Enclosure: The functional small enclosure is optimally damped and all fasteners are tightened with a torque tool. Even the feet are chosen for best sound performance and are adjusted so that it sits perfectly stable on a flat surface.

* Upgradeable: If we find a way to improve the circuits of Kikkin, all older units will be possible to upgrade to the latest specification. We are very proud of this unique policy and historically the majority of Lejonklou owners have had their units upgraded.

Kikkin is available in black and silver finish. Currently there are European, British and North American versions available.

A remote control is not supplied, as many people already have a remote that the Kikkin understands. If a separate remote is needed, there are many simple and inexpensive remotes for TVs available.

Download Owner's Manual (PDF: 111kB)

The Reason Behind the Kikkin 2.1 (PDF: 92kB)

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