Linn Sekrit In-Wall Loudspeakers

The Sekrit loudspeaker is a high-performance, in-wall or in-ceiling loudspeaker for applications where your system should be heard but not seen.

With incredible sound quality, Sekrit is perfect for use in surround-sound systems where discrete installation is important or for in-ceiling applications.

Paintable grilles mean Sekrit loudspeakers blend with any décor and, with effective resistance to all but the most extreme levels of moisture, heat and humidity are ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

The performance of Linn Sekrit loudspeakers can be further enhanced by bi-wiring, bi-amping or upgrading to Aktiv configuration. The involves dedicating a stereo power-amplifier with internal Linn Aktiv cross-over cards to each Sekrit loudspeaker to hear it at its best.



Key Features:

  • Versatile high performance installed multi-room and home theatre loudspeaker
  • Paintable finish to match any décor
  • Passive and active options
  • Suitable for high performance primary, secondary and surround-sound systems
  • Slimline for on-wall use with versatile but rigid wall mount bracket
  • Can be used in-wall or in-ceiling
  • Provides a multitude of options in standard or multi-room playback systems
  • Easily accomodated in any room in the home
  • High-tech finish makes it ideal for both front and rear applications in surround-sound systems
  • Tough woven glass-fibre cone 5.25 inch WOOFER.

Sekrit Specifications:

Introduced: 1994

2-way Infinite Baffle loudspeaker

Frequency response:
Passive - 80Hz – 20KHz +/-3dB (with at least 20 litres wall cavity volume)
Aktiv - 65Hz – 20Khz +/-3dB

Input impedance:
Passive - 4 Ohms
Aktiv - 6 Ohms treble, 4 Ohms bass

Voltage Sensitivity: 90dB/2.83Vrms at 1m

Amplifier Power Minimum:
30W/8Ohms, 60W/4Ohms

Features: Treble level that can be reduced by 1dB on crossover board

Wiring Options: Single wiring, Bi-wiring, Bi-amplification, Aktiv Bi-amplification

Drive Units:
25mm aluminium alloy dome tweeter
150mm custom bass/midrange

H 444mm x W 228mm x D 86mm
H 17.5 inches x W 8.9 inches x D 3.4 inches (14mm visible from wall surface)

Mounting depth: 72mm from surface of wall into the cavity

Weight: 3.1kg / 6.8lbs each (including mounting frame)

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