Linn MAJIK 126 10" Base Reinforcement Subwoofer

Majik 126 is a compact yet powerful Aktiv bass reinforcement loudspeaker for use in stereo and multi-channel music and movie systems.

The Majik 126 Bass Reinforcement Loudspeaker can improve and extend the scope of any high quality loudspeaker system, ensuring the most demanding dynamics from music and movies are handled with ease and accuracy.

A Linn bass reinforcement loudspeaker is much more than just a home theatre subwoofer. Majik 126 maximises the impact of movies in a 5.1/7.1 surround sound system but without losing the accuracy and musicality that is required for exceptional stereo and multi-channel music playback.

Majik 126 is especially effective when used with bookshelf loudspeakers to extend the bass, giving you a full-range loudspeaker system without replacing your favourite speakers. Its compact size, discreet appearance and installation versatility also means Majik 126 won't dominate the room.

Majik 126 can also be used to reinforce the bass response of floor-standing loudspeakers, supporting the low frequencies with deep, musical bass. In larger rooms, using additional bass reinforcement loudspeakers can significantly improve the performance of your system.

Match Majik 126 with other components in the Majik range for the perfect introduction to genuine Linn specialist performance. Your Linn retailer will be able to advise you on the design of your system to help you get the most from your music and movie experience.


Key Features:

  • 10" long-excursion drive unit 500 W RMS / 1000 W peak power output
  • Fully integrated Chakra power amplification
  • Digitally controlled signal processing provides flexible configuration options
  • High density Switch Mode Power Supply

MAJIK 126 Specifications:

Date of Introduction: February 2009

Type: Pitch-accurate bass reinforcement loudspeaker with integral active amplifi cation and equalisation circuitry

Drive Unit: 10 inch (254 mm), paper coned, long throw, high motor force, bass driver

Output Power: 500 W RMS, 1000 W PEAK

Operating volume:
25 liters

Internal Frequency Response: Adjustable roll-off from 55 Hz - 130 Hz in 3 steps and fl at (to allow external low pass fi ltering). Default is 55 Hz.

High Pass Filtered Output Frequency Response: Adjustable from 10 Hz - 235 Hz in 9 steps. Default is 10 Hz.

Audio Connections:

Line level audio input RCA phono (A IN)
Line level audio loop out RCA phono (AL OUT)
Line level high pass output RCA phono (HP OUT)

Line Input Impedance:
18 kOhms

Parameter Adjustment:
- 4 step internal low pass frequency @ 55, 85, 130 Hz and fl at
- 6 step internal high pass frequency from 18 Hz - 40 Hz
- 9 step external high pass frequency from 10 Hz - 235 Hz
- Gain adjustable 34 dB in 1 dB steps (-15 to +19 dB)
- 3 step Bass equalisation
- 4 step Time out (standby time after signal end), including 'Always On'
- Phase inversion (normal/inverted)

Magnetic shielding: Yes


Fully protected against overload, temperature, full short circuit and overdrive

Mains Input voltage (auto-sensing):
100 - 120 V
220 - 240 V

Mains Supply Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz

Standy Power Consumption: 9W

Weight: 19 kg / 41 lbs 14 oz

H 391 mm (including feet) x W 360 mm x D 381 mm
H 15.4 inches (including feet) x W 15 inches x D 14.1 inches

Available finishes: American Cherry, Black Ash, Maple, White


MAJIK 126 high gloss finish add $475.00

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