Linn Komponent 120 Active Bass-Reinforcement Loudspeaker

KOMPONENT is a stylish new loudspeaker system from Linn, offering a serious alternative to mass-market surround-sound systems. KOMPONENT looks great and delivers a truly captivating music and movie experience - the culmination of many months of careful listening, tuning and testing by some of the world's leading acoustic engineers.



Key Features:

  • 4-way loudspeaker design incorporating the proprietary new 2K Driver Array
  • Extruded aluminium cabinet only 155 mm deep
  • Can be wall-mounted using bracket supplied
  • Loudspeaker base kit for floorstanding (also included)


Bass reinforcement loudspeaker, twin port, single driver
Drive units:
200 mm screened bass reinforcement unit
Mains Supply Frequency:
50/60 Hz
Mains Input Voltages:
230, 115 & 100 VAC
Output Power:
170 W RMS, 330 W Peak
User Controls:
Phase, Gain, Internal low-pass, External hi-pass

85 dB for 1 W at 1 m (1 kHz)
Line Input Impedence:
22 kO
Left and right line level
Magnetic shielding:
Operating volume:
15 litres
500 mm (19.6") diameter,
142 mm (5.5") (H)
15 kg


Flexibility and Performance
KOMPONENT 104, 106 and 110 models can be powered most simply by single-wiring. Further performance improvements can be made by powering these models as follows:

1. Passive multi-wiring (bi-wire, tri-wire or quad-wire) - a dedicated loudspeaker cable provides an independent signal to each drive-unit though a passive crossover. A simple performance upgrade from a single-wire system.

2. Passive multi-amping (bi-amp, tri-amp or quad-amp) - a single amplifier channel is dedicated to each drive-unit through a passive crossover. Greater performance than a multi-wired system.

3. AKTIV - the ultimate performance level in which a single amplifier channel is dedicated to each drive-unit through an active crossover. With each drive-unit controlled directly by its own power amplifier, no power or musical information is lost and performance is maximised.

Designed for Living
The unique design of the KOMPONENT 120 bass-reinforcement speaker gives additional flexibility when positioning it within your room. Its attractive, low-profile design means it can be tucked away out of sight or even wall or ceiling mounted, rather than dominating your room.

Both KOMPONENT 110 and KOMPONENT 104 (when used with its optional stand) feature a heavy, cast-iron base for added solidity. Each stand has 4 easy-to-adjust spikes to ensure perfect stability in your room.

KOMPONENT 104, 106 and 110 models all feature discreet fabric grilles with no visible fixings. A series of small, powerful magnets attach the grilles to the loudspeaker to provide additional protection for the drive-units and create a simpler, cleaner appearance.

Concealed Cabling
Clever cabinet design allows for all loudspeaker cables to be hidden within the structure of the loudspeaker and its stand. This ensures your room is not cluttered with unsightly cables.

Wall Brackets

All KOMPONENT models are supplied with simple brackets that allow each speaker, including the KOMPONENT 120 bass-reinforcement speaker, to be wall-mounted. This allows greater flexibility when positioning the speakers in your home.

Key Technologies:

KOMPONENT is a serious, precision-engineered alternative to mass-market surround-sound systems. It delivers authentic Linn values in a simple and stylish package through advanced technology and design.

The 2K Driver Array
The 2K Driver Array is an evolution of the 'array' technology found in all of Linn's highest performing loudspeakers (including AKURATE, ARTIKULAT and KOMRI). This technology features high-frequency drive units housed in a high-performance cast alloy chassis which is isolated from the rest of the loudspeaker.

We do this for two reasons:

By mounting the high-frequency drive units close together, sound produced through them effectively comes from a single source. In other words the sound emanates from a single point as opposed to separate distinguishable sources.

In conventional loudspeaker designs, upper frequency drive units would typically be on and in the loudspeaker cabinet. With this traditional design, in addition to the sound coming directly out of the drive unit, sound also travels along the cabinet, to be dispersed at the first corner it comes to. This is often 60 or 70 mm away from the drive unit, meaning that the sound is coming through two sources at slightly different times. By minimising the area surrounding the upper frequency drive units and isolating it from the maincabinet this effect is all but eliminated. The benefit of this is a wonderfully clean and pure high frequency reproduction. In addition, all loudspeakers that feature the 2K Array can be used in seamless combination and deliver outstanding performance for this type of loudspeaker.

Extruded Aluminium Cabinets
Throughout the KOMPONENT range we use extruded aluminium cabinets to maximise the internal volume of the loudspeakers. In addition to minimising the size of the speakers without compromising performance, constructing the loudspeaker from this material has a number of advantages over traditional MDF-based cabinet construction.

The cabinets of the three full range models have been specifically designed for wall mounting, and, at approximately 155 mm deep, can be mounted sympathetically alongside a plasma or LCD screen. All brackets required for wall mounting are included.

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