The Linn Klimax CHAKRA 500 Twin Power Amplifier

The KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin is an exceptional stereo power amplifier which features Linn’s new CHAKRA audio circuitry and combines outstanding performance with stunning looks. Designed for use as a stand-alone stereo power amplifier or in multiamplifier and multi-channel high quality entertainment systems, the KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin delivers consistent performance, controlled power and pure sound and is simply the finest stereo power amplifier Linn has ever made.

The KLIMAX Twin features Linn’s latest CHAKRA audio circuitry, a proprietary new high-efficiency topology which delivers precisely controlled power at all listening levels. Offering signal pitch-accuracy, ultra-linear and clean power delivery, thermal and power efficiency and reliability, the patented circuitry deploys up to 100 W into 8 ohms and 200 W into 4 ohms of clean silent two-channel power from a cool-running LP sleeve sized product, less than 5 cm thick that weights less than 10 kilos.

The machined-from-solid clamshell construction of the KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin casework is a beautiful
and unique design that allows a variety of installation
options for music and cinema applications. The compact case housing the KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin protects, screens and stabilises the internal electronics and forms a heat exchanger that dissipates the power from the amplifier circuitry. A central cooling channel and low-noise fan assist cooling during operation.

Inside the KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin, two electrically and mechanically isolated circuit boards - one is a unique Linn ‘Silent Power’ Switch Mode Power Supply, the other is the twin channel CHAKRA audio circuitry - provide unsurpassed twin channel performance from a single compact audio component.



A new range of high-performing, consistent, cool-running power amplifiers built around CHAKRA - the latest manifestation of Linn's high-efficiency amplifier technology.

CHAKRA topology was first introduced in the KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin, one of Linn's best power amplifiers, and will be featured in ARTIKULAT, the forthcoming, top performance loudspeakers.

In essence, CHAKRA is a simple design, perfected through precision engineering to deliver the unique, high quality sound of Linn with all the musicality, but none of the problems often associated with complex technologies.


Over the years Linn's power amplification technology had become increasingly complex as the achievement of even minimal advancements in sound performance required more and more complicated circuitry.

Quite simply our existing amplification technologies had been pushed to their extreme limits, exhausting the potential for further enhancement without compromising reliability. We had reached the limits of previous amplification solutions and could not push our frequency response rates any further than the original KLIMAX Twin.

At the same time we needed more power with no compromise in quality and reliability. We also required more channels per system for our in-car systems for Aston Martin.

Necessity eventually became the mother of invention. Bill Miller, Linn's Chief Engineer, travels home every night on Scotland's busiest motorway, the M8. This means long traffic jams which, for most people, inhibit all rational thought. But on one particular journey home Bill experienced an inspirational flash which gave him a glimpse of an alternative solution. The idea would enable him to 'break the power barrier' and eventually evolved into the CHAKRA power amplifier technology.

When prototyped by the engineers, the new topology produced further unexpected advantages and the proposed simpler approach became obvious. The discovery was, however, achieved through 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration; without all the work and experience the intuitive leap would never have been realized and the engineering team at Linn worked extremely hard to take the idea from concept to production.


The Benefits of CHAKRA:


Linn's goal has been to design products that fulfil our motto of 'simply better' and Einstein's maxim 'everything should be as simple as possible but no simpler'.

The CHAKRA topology is a powerful manifestation of the value of this approach.

Simplicity and Reliability

The Linn CHAKRA technology eliminates the weaknesses and maximises the strengths of monolithic linear amplifier technology. CHAKRA provides minimal risk of power overload because of the unique protection of the monolithic and bi-polar transistors.

Linn’s new range of CHAKRA power amplifiers also run far more efficiently than their predecessors, the 2250 and 5125, producing much less heat.

Simplicity and Flexibility

There are 8 models in the CHAKRA range, providing a wealth of options to suit the system requirements of all of our customers. This variety also offers a totally flexible upgrade path to further improve the performance of your Linn system.

Click here to see some suggested applications for each individual model in the CHAKRA range.

Simplicity and Power

Linn’s compact, audio-optimised Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) generates stable, low noise power rails for the audio circuitry, with higher mains noise isolation and efficiency than the very bulky and noisy conventional power supplies. The combination of SMPS and CHAKRA creates a range of possibilities for new configurations of high-performance, high-efficiency Silent Power amplifiers.

Simplicity and Performance

The result of the above features and improvements is a vastly improved range of power amplifiers that deliver a far better, more controlled audio performance than any of our previous power amplifiers could achieve.

Key CHAKRA Technologies:

The CHAKRA topology uses an array of large bi-polar transistors as 'boosters' around a single monolithic. While this in itself is an existing proven methodology, Linn's execution of the distortion free monolithic to bi-polar transition is unique, and it is for this that a patent application has been submitted.

When output current is less than a few amps, all of the power output comes from the monolithic, maximising the speed and linearity properties of this design. At higher output currents the bi-polars provide the majority of the output current, leaving the monolithic to operate well within its capability, and able to correct any error instantaneously. Even under extreme overload conditions, like short circuit, the monolithic is never required to deliver more than a fraction of its safe output, while separate circuitry protects the bi-polars, and so with safe current output virtually unlimited, CHAKRA offers unrivalled robust low-frequency response down to near DC. It is also highly efficient, running cooler than any previous Linn amplifier design.

This innovative design perfectly combines the speed and precision of integrated monolithic technology with the smoothness and ruggedness of discrete ultra-linear bi-polar and can deliver precisely-controlled pure power at all listening levels. The CHAKRA topology was first seen in the award winning KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin. This is the second iteration of the topology, and this will be followed by the launch of the ARTIKULAT loudspeaker system which sees the same core technology integrated into a fully AKTIV or partially AKTIV loudspeaker design.

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