Linn Klimax DS - Digital Music Player


Discover more music than ever before from your CDs and digital downloads with Klimax DS – a music player that delivers an unprecedented level of performance.

Combining groundbreaking performance and convenience, Klimax DS is the ultimate digital stream player.

Every aspect of the product is meticulously designed to protect and maintain the pure, delicate music signal and ensure the highest possible level of performance.

Having no moving parts or on-board storage ensures absolute focus on its sole function, to reproduce your stored music as accurately as possible.

The stunning velvet-touch casing, perfectly machined from a single billet of aluminium, protects the delicate signal against external interferences.

Not only will you be thrilled by the new level of performance delivered from your existing music collection, but for the first time ever, you can also enjoy recording studio quality in your own home.

The epitome of audio perfection, Klimax is the culmination of over 35 years’ experience producing the world’s finest audio, and uncompromising in every conceivable way.



Key Features:

  • Standard Ethernet input for audio and control
  • Plays FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) WAV, MP3 & AIFF audio formats with up to 24 bit/192 kHz native sample rate
  • Balanced and unbalanced analogue audio outputs
  • No moving parts to generate vibration or noise
  • Access and control your music collection using
  • Linn-designed software which runs on a hand-held touchscreen PC
  • Supports UPnP™ AV 1.0 for third-party control
  • Accesses music from a networked hard-drive such as a dedicated network attached storage device (NAS)

Klimax DS Specifications:

Introduced: July 2007

Type: Digital stream player, Ethernet x 2

Dimensions: (H) 60 mm x (W) 350 mm x (D) 355 mm
(H) 2.3 inches x (W) 15 inches x (D) 14.2 inches

Weight: 10 kg, 22 lb

Supported file types:

Audio sample rates: 7.35 k, 8 k, 11.025 k, 12 k, 14.7 k, 16 k, 22.05 k, 24 k, 29.4 k, 32 k, 44.1 k, 48 k, 88.2 k, 96 k, 176.4 k, 192 k

Word depths:
16 – 24 bits

Analogue audio outputs:
Stereo RCA phono sockets, stereo XLR balanced audio outputs

Ethernet interface: 100Base-T RJ45

Control protocol:

RS232 x 2
Luminous remote control handset
128 x 32 front panel display

Power supply:

Switching power supply with auto-ranging
(AC 100 – 120 V @ 50 – 60 Hz)
(AC 220 – 240 V @ 50 – 60 Hz)

Power consumption:

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