The Linn Klimax 500 Solo Power Amplifier

Linn's new power amplifier establishes a new level of sonic performance through Linn patented "Silent Power™" audio power amplification.



  • New Linn patented “noiseless” “4-G” power supply and amplification circuitry
  • Matching Aktiv crossover system available
  • Cool-running, sleek case in machined-from-solid aluminium isolates and screens the circuitry
  • Short, simple audio signal path design with resulting high density circuitry minimise electrical pickup
  • Includes new-technology reservoir capacitors the size of a thimble that provide better filtering than standard capacitors the size of a beer can
  • The overload protection for the switches can detect a potentially destructive condition and activate in < 0.5uS
  • Uses all surface mount technology with eight ultralinear bipolar output power transistors, taking maximum advantage of the inherent linearity of bipolars
  • To avoid having capacitors in the audio path the Klimax is direct coupled with a dc servo to minimise output offset voltage.
  • Includes both single-ended and balanced inputs, easily selected by a switch on the back panel.
  • Power supply operates with a mains input range of 90 - 253Vac
  • Automatic on/off - signal sensing circuitry detects the presence of an audio input signal, and reverts to standby when the signal is absent
  • ‘Line out’ socket facilitates multi-amplification
  • Two Neutrik Speakon 4 contact speaker sockets. Optional binding post version available.

Input connectors
Single-ended (switch position in): WBT phono socket
Balanced (switch position out): XLR socket
Pin connections: Phono - Inner hot, Outer hot
XLR -Pin 1: 0V, Pin 2: Hot, Pin 3: Cold

Input impedance

Single-ended: 7k8 Ohms
Balanced: 7k8 Ohms

Single-ended: 28.6dB
Balanced: 22.6dB

Input level for clipping
Balanced: 3.34Vrms
Single-ended: 1.67Vrms
Signal sensing threshold: >150uV

Output connectors
Standard: Neutrik
Optional: binding posts

Output power
500W rms into 4 Ohms
290W rms into 8 Ohms

Load tolerance
Stable into all loudspeaker loads

Harmonic distortion
< 0.02%

Frequency response
2Hz - 60KHz (-3dB)

Peak output voltage

Fuse rating

Mains input range
90Vac - 126 Vac
200 Vac - 253 Vac @ 50/60Hz

Maximum input power

Typical operating input power

Standby power

W 350mm; D 355mm; H 60mm
W 13.8 inches; D 13.9 inches; H 2.3 inches

9 kg
19.84 lbs

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