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The Linn Story

About Linn Hi-Fi
"To us, music in your life is a necessity and quality reproduction essential. The unique, pure sound of Linn is the most accurate sound possible, delivering the most involving music and the most absorbing cinema."

"We believe our approach is the best, but the way to judge us is to listen to our products." Ivor Tiefenbrun, MBE

Linn Products was established in 1972 by Ivor Tiefenbrun. Born in Glasgow, he was passionate about two things – engineering and listening to music.

When he couldn’t buy a hi-fi good enough to satisfy his needs he decided to make one himself.

In 1972 Linn introduced the Sondek LP12 turntable, the longest-lived hi-fi product still in production anywhere in the world, and still the benchmark by which all turntables are judged. The remarkable ability of the Sondek LP12 turntable to extract more music information from records led to the understanding that retrieving and protecting the source signal carefully was what mattered most.

The Linn Sondek LP12 turntable revolutionised the hi-fi industry proving categorically that the source of the music is the most important component in the hi-fi chain.

Linn then set out to make the other components in the hi-fi chain as revolutionary as the first, setting new standards for performance over the years with each new product.

Today, Linn is a substantial independent precision engineering company based in Glasgow, Scotland, uniquely focused on the design, manufacture and sale of complete music and home theatre systems for customers the world over who seek only the best.

Why We Do It
"If a system is not good enough to change your life, it is probably not worth buying. A good system should change the way you live and the way you feel for the better." Ivor Tiefenbrun, MBE

Everyone has the ability to appreciate music. It can spark the imagination, help you relax and change your mood, as well as provide entertainment and pleasure.

The job of a sound system is to reproduce music. The better it does this, the better it sounds - the more benefit it offers.

The best sound systems can change your life.

Real hi-fi provides more accurate reproduction than standard mass-produced products, and makes it easy to respond naturally to recorded music. The better the music reproduction you have at home, the more pleasure your sound system will bring and the more you’ll enjoy an ever-widening variety of music.

All Linn products are designed to deliver exceptional audio performance and to bring you the ultimate music and movie experience.

Precision engineering, attention to detail and a keen understanding of customer needs shape every component, from the most complex home theatre solution to the most discreet music system.

Linn Hi-Fi: Music In, Music Out

Our aim with Linn source components is to retrieve as much data and signal information as possible and convert it back into real music. High engineering standards are required to ensure that source performance is accurate and consistent, so that the pitch of every note is correct. Our recording expertise has taught us that every subtle detail of the music is important.

Once you have chosen your sources, your next step is to choose the control component that is at the heart of your system, the preamplifier.

The function of the preamplifier is to select, nurture, shape and amplify the delicate signals from your sources, adjust the volume and balance and then deliver the correct level of signal to the playback system. To control music from any source with precision demands a flexible and well designed preamplifier to capture, switch and adjust all the different signals.

A preamplifier determines how good a system you can build and how easy it is to use. It makes sense to buy the best you can afford and build in as much quality and flexibility as possible to keep your options open for future development of your system.

The performance of a loudspeaker is inextricably linked to the crossover system it employs and the precision with which it is driven by the power amplifier.

Explore "The Hierarchy of Hi-Fi"

Overture Audio carries the complete selection of Linn Hi-Fi products. Click any link below to learn more about the products that interest you!

Record Playing Products

Sondek LP12 Transcription Turntable
Majik LP12 Turntable

LP12 Tonearms and Phono Cartridges:
Ekos SE Tonearm
Akito II Tonearm
Klyde Phono Cartridge
Adikt Phono Cartridge

LP12 Power Supplies and Pre-Amplifiers:

Linn Radikal DC Motor and Controller
Linn Urika Moving Coil Phono Power Supply
Uphorik MM/MC Phono Stage
Lingo 3 LP-12 Phono Power Supply

DS (Digital Streaming) Products
Klimax DS - Digital Music Player
Akurate DS - Digital Music Player
MAJIK DS - Digital Music Player
Integrated Amplifier and Digital Music Player
Sneaky Music DS - Digital Music Player

Power Amplifiers
Klimax 500 Solo Power Amplifer
Klimax CHAKRA 500 Twin Power Amplifier
Akurate 2200-3200-4200 Power Amplifiers
The MAJIK Power Amplifier Range

Klimax 350 6-way AKTIV Floorstanding Loudspeakers

Akurate 242 5-way Floorstanding Loudspekers
Akurate 212 4-way Bookshelf Lousdpeakers
Akurate 225 5-way Center Channel Loudspeaker
Akurate 226 10" Bass Extension Loudspeaker

MAJIK Isobarik 4-way Floorstanding Loudspeakers
MAJIK 140 4-way Floorstanding Loudspeakers
MAJIK 109 3-way Bookshelf Loudspeakers
MAJIK 112 3-way Center Channel Loudspeaker
MAJIK 126 10" Base Reinforcement Subwoofer

Diskreet In-Wall Loudspeaker
Sweetspot Panel Mounted Sealed Box Speaker

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