Linn Akurate 212 4-way Bookshelf Lousdpeakers

The Akurate range consists of four distinct acoustically matched loudspeakers that can be simply configured for high performance stereo and multi-channel music or home theatre applications.

The Akurate range has been designed to do full justice to the highest definition sound and vision formats, such as Studio Master downloads and Super Audio CD.

The full-range models, the 242, 225 and 212 loudspeakers, feature Linn’s 3K Driver Array technology that creates a consistent single point sound source and improves high frequency response. All components used in the 3K Driver Array are tolerance matched to ensure sonic consistency throughout. Sandwich cone 6 1/2 inch bass drive units deliver pure musical bass and the highly braced internal cabinet construction ensures the best possible performance from the advanced drive unit design.

The Akurate 226 bass reinforcement loudspeaker features servo-controlled Chakra amplification and digitally controlled signal processing for flexible configuration options. The 10 inch long-excursion drive unit is constantly monitored and regulated to maintain accurate and musical bass in any listening environment.

High grade real wood veneers are used through and are available in standard (American Cherry, Black Ash, Maple, Rosenut) or special high gloss finishes. Bespoke finishes can also be crafted to perfectly complement any living space.


Key Features:

  • Linn 3K Driver Array creates a consistent single point source
  • High quality 6 1/2 inch Sandwich cone drive units deliver pitch accurate, musical bass
  • Acoustically matched double-flared ports with
    unique “rifled” design
  • Unique Linn loudspeaker configuration system allows simple alternation between Aktiv and passive configuration
  • Akurate 226 bass reinforcement loudspeaker with servo-controlled amplification for exceptional bass reinforcement or extension

Akurate 212 Specifications:

Type: 4-way bass reflex compact loudspeaker
incorporating Linn 3K Driver Array and
1 x 6 1/2 inch Sandwich cone bass driver

Impedance: (passive) 8 Ohms
Impedance: (active bass) 8 Ohms
Impedance: (active mid) 8 Ohms
Impedance: (active tweeter) 6 Ohms
Impedance: (active super tweeter) 4 Ohms

Operating Volume: 12 Liters

87 dB for 1 watt at 1 metre (1 kHz)

Crossover options:
Fully passive, partially or fully AKTIV

Frequency range (passive): 70 Hz - 33 kHz
Frequency range (aktiv): 50 Hz - 33 kHz

Connection options:
Up to 4 way by wire or amplifier

Magnetic shielding: Yes

Weight (*excluding stand): 12 kg / 26 1/2 lbs

H 350 x W 210 x D 300 mm
H 14 x W 8 3/8 x D 12 inches

Available finishes: Rosenut, Maple, Cherry, Back Ash


Optional Stands in Black or Silver: $950.00
AKURATE 212 high gloss finish add $950.00

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