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The Linn Akurate Loudspeaker System

Linn Products are proud to announce the arrival of AKURATE, four distinct acoustically matched loudspeakers that can be simply configured for high performance stereo and multi-channel music or home theatre applications.

The AKURATE system has been designed to do full justice to the latest high-definition sound and vision formats, such as Super Audio CD. The system also combines the latest in Linn technology and high quality materials.

The full-range models within the AKURATE system, the 242, 225 and 212 loudspeakers, feature Linn's new 3K Driver Array* technology that creates a consistent single point sound source and improves high frequency response. All components used in the 3K Driver Array are tolerance matched to ensure sonic consistency throughout. Sandwich cone 6 1/2 inch bass drive units deliver pure musical bass and the highly braced internal cabinet construction ensures the best possible performance from the advanced drive units. These full-range loudspeakers are also stand-mountable and come with invisible, flush fitting "SEKRIT-Fastener" grilles*.

In addition to three full-range models, the AKURATE system also includes the 221 - a bass extension loudspeaker that deploys servo-controlled amplification. The 8 inch bass unit is constantly monitored and regulated to maintain accurate and extended bass in any listening environment.

All models are available in a choice of attractive finishes - Maple, Cherry, Rosenut and Black

Key Features


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