Linn Akiva Moving Coil Phono Cartridge

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The AKIVA is Linn’s newest moving coil cartridge and represents our continued commitment to deploying new technology and new knowledge in the pursuit of improving music reproduction from the irreplaceable store of music performance that continues to accumulate on vinyl recordings.

The design of the AKIVA cartridge incorporates a new and advanced magnetic assembly structure to produce a higher output with noticeably better tracking and even lower distortion than previous cartridge products. The integrity of the AKIVA cartridge design ensures greatly improved signal transference without loss of vital information and without any spurious noise from this super-precise, ultra-linear, direct coupled, moving coil cartridge.

The advanced magnetic assembly structure in the AKIVA cartridge is constructed around a machined from the solid alloy carcass for complete rigidity, and the optimally damped suspension mechanism supports hand-wound coils secured in a high precision rigid assembly, terminated with gold contacts.



Key Features:

  • Finest nude diamond stylus
  • Triple-point mounting system to ensure accurate coupling to tonearm
  • Machined-from-solid alloy body for rigidity
  • Ceramic Boron cantilever provides ultra low mass and extremely high rigidity
  • Precision transducer has minimum sensitivity to spurious vibration
  • Gold contacts for accurate and reliable connection
  • Advanced magnetic materials
  • Precision assembly control, providing the finest musical detail.

Akiva Specifications:


Low output Moving-Coil phono cartridge

Line Contact

Tracking force:
1.6g - 1.9g

Pin connection type:
Flying wire

Recommended load:
> 50 ohm


Separation at 1kHz:
Better than 30dB

Channel balance at 1kHz:
+/- 0 .5dB

Output at 1kHz @ 3.45cm/s:

Recommended arm:
Rigid, medium mass - ideally Linn ITTOK or EKOS

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