Linn Interconnects Leads

High-quality interconnect leads to maximise fidelity in any system.

Balanced Silver Interconnect: $200.00
1.2m Silver Interconnect Leads: $400.00
1.2m Black Interconnect Leads: $150.00

Silver & Black Interconnects: Custom lengths also available



Linn K600/K400/K20 Loudspeaker Cable

High quality low-loss loudspeaker cable specifically designed for tri-wire/bi-wire and general purpose use.

K600: $34.00/Meter
K400: $24.00/Meter

K20: $10.00/Meter


Linn Connectors

With continuous core construction and carefully specified gold-plated materials, Linn connectors are manufactured to maintain and optimize high-fidelity contacts.

RCA Plugs Silver: $180.00 (pr)
RCA Plugs Black: $24.00 (pr)

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