AVI Overview

"AV International (AVI) is the best British hi-fi company most people have never heard of!" - This is the claim of David Vivian, one of the foremost audio reviewers in the United Kingdom. All of us at Overture Audio agree: AVI is the best-kept secret in the world of high performance music playback.

AVI focuses on AUDIO, providing the finest music replay systems available, regardless of how you choose to store or receive your favorite recordings. AVI achieves this extraordinary level of performance by rigorously applying appropriate scientific principles to the specific design challenge at hand. Simply put, AVI is an ENGINEERING firm in the finest British tradition. All at AVI recognize, appreciate and strive to embody Britain's well-deserved reputation for EXCELLENCE in quality precision manufacturing. This reputation is at its peak when ultimate performance, highest reliability and small production volumes are necessarily combined.

This reputation for excellence is exemplified by world-renowned British manufacturers such as McLaren, Cosworth and Lola in the field of motorsport, James Purdey sporting guns, Hardy fly fishing tackle, Conway Stewart fountain pens, Smythson leather goods and FW Elliott clocks.


AVI-d Digital Lifestyle Products Overview

Martin Grindrod and Ashley James of AVI Ltd. in Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK can honestly be called visionaries with their introduction of the AVI-d Digital Lifestyle Systems. The ADM 9 series speakers (currently in their 9.1 iteration) and the Neutron Five 2.1 system can each be considered a "stroke of genius", offering class leading performance, unrivaled versatility, exceptional ease of operation and incomparable value for money. AVI's offerings in the AVI-d Digital Lifestyle Systems redefine, if not revolutionize, the high fidelity home entertainment system for the 21st century!

The AVI-d Digital Lifestyle Systems are complete digital audio playback solutions. Since the Digital to Analog conversion, control amplification, active filtering and power amplification functions are all handled internally within the speakers, you need only provide them with a digital audio stream (or an analog one, if you so desire) from your computer or dedicated digital media server in order to have a fully operational, high performance music and media playback system. Your computer or media server becomes the heart of your home entertainment system, while the AVI-d Digital Lifestyle System becomes its voice.

Once you experience the higher performance, increased flexibility, exceptional ease of operation, reduced clutter and extended energy efficiency of an AVI-d Digital Lifestyle system, you will wonder why you waited so long to join us in the 21st century!

For more information about AVI products, please vist The Digital Music Experts website.

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