AVI ADM 10" Powered Subwoofer

The AVI ADM 9RSS Active Digital Monitor speakers have earned much deserved praise for their class leading sound quality. A significant portion of the superior performance of the ADM 9RSS is attributable to their active design, with separate amplifiers dedicated to each speaker element using high precision fourth order crossovers at line level. These purpose built amplifiers and crossovers substantially reduce speaker distortion as well as increasing overall control of the drive elements.

$1,850.00 each


Because the power amplifiers in AVI’s active loudspeakers are connected directly to their drive units, they are much better controlled than is possible with passive designs. This results in the elimination of bass boom and allows for a correctly designed subwoofer to seamlessly integrate with the ADM 9RSS. To this end, AVI have produced a special dedicated ultra high powered 10" model for the ADM 9RSS. The custom 10” driver features a voice coil with a 3" diameter and a maximum excursion of 2” loaded in a sealed box enclosure and driven by a linear, analogue bipolar amplifier producing up to 30 Amps and 200 Watts. The subwoofer crossover filter can be set to 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 or 100 Hz and gain is precision adjustable to suit your room acoustics. In practice it extends low frequency extension to below 30Hz, increases the overall dynamic range of the system and plants the ADM9RSS firmly in big speaker territory!

The AVI ADM 9RSS work well without a subwoofer, but perform even better with one designed especially for them. Adding the last octave of low frequency content to an ADM 9RSS based system takes you to new and exciting depths, while raising the performance to heights you have to hear to believe.
The AVI ADM 9RSS Subwoofer is available in Satin Black finish only. Semi Gloss White finish will be available mid to late summer 2013.

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