Arcam FMJ P38 Stereo Power Amplifier

Often overlooked, the humble power amplifier has an enormous job to do within a modern HiFi or AV system. With over 30 years of audiophile engineering experience, Arcam is one of the UK's most respected audio companies with unique skills in power amplifier design. The new Arcam P38 stereo power amplifier is the latest in a long family line of award winning HiFi amplifiers and is the perfect match for the Arcam A-38 in bi-amplified systems or the C31 pre-amplifier in a pre/power combination.

The Arcam A38/P38 design team was given a simple goal; to develop the best performing stereo amplifiers Arcam had ever produced. Although a huge task, the team dug deep into the basic structure of amplifier design and the result was a remarkable improvement in fidelity.

An in-house research project yielded a wealth of information concerning the influences of thermal conditions on power amplifier performance. As a result the Arcam P-38 features a number of new technologies which practically eliminate thermal modulation of audio signals and ensure truly dynamic and enthralling reproduction. New Sanken output devices and dramatically improved thermal coupling provide an extremely stable device temperature resulting in much improved linearity.

The massive torroid based power supply delivers effortless power with a new low noise topology improving transient response.
The ultra-wide band design of the Arcam P38 stereo power amplifier offers an extended frequency response that is perfectly suited to the demanding requirements of high resolution audio formats. High resolution formats such as SACD, DVD-Audio and new surround codecs like Dolby Digital+ and DTS-HD can deliver much wider frequency and dynamic ranges. The Arcam P38 delivers the full potential of these new formats with control and finesse.


FMJ P38 Stereo Power Amplifier Specifications:

The Arcam FMJ P38 Power Amplifier uses identical circuit design to the FMJ A38 Integrated Amplifier and represents the perfect match in a bi-amplified system. Alternatively, the FMJ P38 is an ideal companion to the FMJ C31 pre-amp in a pre/power combination. Using their innovative design in building the FMJ P38 Power Amplifier from the ground up as opposed to ‘borrowing’ other manufacturers technology, Arcam have produced yet another stunning audiophile amplifier that deserves any stereo enthusiast’s attention
  • 105wpc Current Feedback power amplifier
  • Ultra Stable thermal management
  • Ultra wide band power amplifier
  • "Mask of Silence" & Stealth Mat EMC damping
  • SDS resonance damped chassis
  • Class leading sound quality
  • Continuous Output Power: 2 x 75 Watts
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm: 110x430x350
  • Gain MC: 31.5dB
  • Input impedance: 10k Ohms
  • Input sensitivity: N/a
  • Output impedance: (Pre-Amp)

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