Arcam FMJ Blu-ray Player

Arcam BDP100 Blu-Ray Player

Arcam FMJ DVD/CD Player

CD17 Compact Disc Player
CD37 Compact Disc Player

Arcam FMJ Pre-Amplifier
A888 Pre-Amplifier/Processor

Acram FMJ Power Amplifiers
MZ-12 & MZ-8 Multi-Channel Power Amplifiers
P777 Seven-Channel Power Amplifier
P38 Stereo Power Amplifier

Arcam FMJ Integrated Amplifiers
A18 50Wx2 Integrated Ampliifer
A28 75Wx2 Integrated Ampliifer
A38 105Wx2 Integrated Ampliifer

Arcam FMJ AV Receivers

AVR600 120Wx7 7.1 AV Receiver
AVR500 100Wx7 7.1 AV Receiver
AVR400 90Wx7 7.1 AV Receiver

Arcam FMJ Tuner
T32 AM/FM Sirius Ready Tuner


Arcam produced the FMJ series for music lovers who appreciate the finer things in life. These are special products that represent an excellent investment for people who insist on music being reproduced with true conviction.

This commitment to bring music to life in the customer’s home is what Arcam is all about. The brief we gave the design team was to develop a series of hi-fi separates that would not only sound better than anything we have produced so far but would also house them in enclosures which would echo the engineering elegance of the electronic circuits inside.

For 25 years we have built our reputation as the UK’s foremost manufacturer of hi-fi electronics and have an international reputation for innovation and high performance products. The design and construction of the FMJ range echoes all that is best in high quality British engineering.

We have now designed a product range which reflects the passion we have for the accurate reproduction of music and represents a fusion of audio engineering expertise and sleek product design.

The style is modern but understated. FMJ concentrates on classic, timeless lines to reinforce our commitment to deliver the best in high fidelity. This exclusive range is only sold by a select band of experienced Arcam specialists who can demonstrate and install FMJ products to the highest standards.

The FMJ series is available in silver or black finish.

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