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About Simaudio

Simaudio Ltd., a Canadian audio and video equipment manufacturer, has been in business for nearly 30 years, designing and building high quality electronics for home entertainment use.

The focus of Simaudio is to provide ultimate enjoyment to the customer from the use of high-end home entertainment music and surround systems. To that end, Simaudio is committed to building the finest, best sounding, longest lasting and most aesthetically attractive equipment one can own for a given price. To achieve this, Simaudio realizes that conventional wisdom with respect to engineering and general business practices are insufficient in today’s competitive marketplace. Therefore, all products manufactured by Simaudio reflect a forward-thinking engineering process that is considered a generation ahead of the competition. Simaudio considers first-rate customer service as paramount. The ultimate enjoyment of a quality product is shattered by a distasteful experience of poor quality after-sale service.

With all this in mind, Simaudio has a global mission statement:

“To enhance quality of life by offering the finest products and services, while respecting our environment."

Design Philosophy and Culture

MOON products are designed for a lifetime of enjoyment. To achieve this, substantial obstacles must be overcome in their creation, design, execution and manufacturing. With this in mind, the following goals must be fulfilled:

  • Products shall be user-friendly and a easy to operate
  • MOON products shall exude a luxurious feel and appearance
  • Products shall employ only top-grade components
  • Technical design shall reflect a level of advanced engineering in each product category
  • Sonic performance shall exceed that of all competitors' equivalent products
  • Products shall be manufactured with top-level precision and quality control
  • Every MOON product’s performance shall exceed that of the original prototype
  • MOON products shall provide for many years of trouble-free operation

All of this sounds good in theory and may appear easy to achieve for some. However, the truth is that obstacles always exist and must be overcome to meet these expectations.

One of the most common issues is the constant and timely procurement of high-quality parts. For most manufacturers, components like mains power transformers, chassis parts, faceplates, volume potentiometers and many others must be purchased from industrial suppliers. Parts inevitably end up discontinued, or replaced with “equivalents” and delays are caused for various reasons ranging from financial to ecological, often leading to a product’s life cycle being shortened and its market reputation being negatively affected.

We don’t claim to build our own capacitors or our own connectors. However, we are several steps ahead of the competition in the above dilemma. We manufacture everything in-house that most competitors have to buy. This includes chassis parts and PCB assembly. We have our own well-equipped metal shop for machining which houses both a HAAS 5-Axis and 4-Axis CNC mill, we develop our own software for both our preamplifier controller sections & CD drives, and we fabricate our own packaging materials.

These assets allow us to have much greater control over areas of manufacturing that are easily affected by external factors. The result is more timely delivery and a better cost advantage, the latter which is passed on to the dealer and ultimately the consumer, making MOON products more marketable by increasing the value/dollar ratio.

At Simaudio, we use numerous in-house developed technologies. They are the result of our highly experienced R&D department where relationships exist with the CNRC (Canadian National Research Council). Some of these technologies are not readily available to the competition, giving MOON products both a technical and sonic edge. They include:

  • I2DCf (Independent Inductive DC) voltage regulation
  • M-Ray and M-eVOL volume control circuits
  • SimLink™ software control
  • Alpha digital clocking system
  • Delta and M-Quattro disc player suspensions
  • M-AJiC jitter reduction circuit
  • Lynx Zero-Feedback amplifier circuitry
  • Full differential balanced audio circuitry
  • Extremely short capacitor-free amplification signal paths

Each one of these technologies enhances the functionality, sonic performance and long-term reliability to previously unattainable levels.

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