Dynaudio Loudspeakers:

Xeo Series Loudspeakers
Xeo 4
Xeo 6
Xeo Hub
Xeo Link
Xeo Extender

Emit Series Loudspeakers
Emit M10 Bookshelf
Emit M20 Bookshelf
Emit M30 Floorstanding
Emit M15 C Center Channel

Excite Series Loudspeakers
X28 Center
X24 Center

Confidence Platinum Series Loudspeakers
C4 Platinum
C2 Platinum
C1 Platinum
Center Platinum

Subwoofer Series
Sub 600
Sub 250 II


About Dynaudio

It doesn’t matter whether one prefers listening to jazz, pop, rock, classical music or the latest movie surround-sound effects. It doesn’t even matter whether the source or format is CD, DVD, Internet radio or vinyl. The balance and naturalness of the sonic reproduction is what dictates whether one just hears sound or truly experiences and feels music. Music is relived with Dynaudio loudspeakers. To reach this level of performance, innovation and experience converge in Dynaudio’s own technological developments, setting Dynaudio models apart from other loudspeakers. Every Dynaudio model is not only a combination of highly developed technology. It is also refined with expressive wood veneers or exquisite lacquers.

Dynaudio’s expertise in cabinet manufacturing has been established over many years, achieving an excellent quality that lasts for decades. The model diversity covers everything from Evidence reference loudspeakers to classic bookshelf or floor models, as well as very compact on-wall or discreet custom installation speakers. Experience the difference at your Dynaudio specialist retailer, then relive your favorite music in the comfort of your own home.

Every forward-thinking company also likes to look back on an accomplished past. So do we. Each Dynaudio loudspeaker has been a quality and exquisite finishes.

The first Dynaudio loudspeakers were a revelation when they premiered. True technological innovations were concealed inside the classically shaped, unusually solid real-wood veneer cabinets crafted in Denmark. These ground-breaking innovations were clearly ahead of their time: Phase and transient response research was a sound-relevant field completely ignored by other manufacturers. Dynaudio’s research verified, against common belief, that a linear frequency response was not the only parameter defining a good loudspeaker. Ideal timing and dynamic characteristics were deemed equally as important by Dynaudio.

In 1977, the company’s P-Series implemented some of these findings, and in the early 1980’s the Dynaudio 80, 100, and 200 models brought the Dynaudio R&D efforts to life. The young company’s early era was crowned in 1983 when a true loudspeaker milestone was born: The Consequence. Available by special request to this day, this no-compromise statement loudspeaker is not only highly respected for its incredible sound quality, it is in fact one of the world’s best-selling high-end loudspeakers ever,

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