Dynaudio Xeo Extender Digital Streaming

The Xeo Extender brings you a much more flexible Xeo system for a much broader scope of use.

The Xeo Extender is designed to extend the transmission distance between the Xeo Hub and the Xeo loudspeakers.

Xeo Extender. The next revolution.

$175.00 each

Xeo Extender Digital Streaming Features:

  • Multi-room – Several Xeo links can be set up in different rooms. Connected to the same Xeo Hub. With a simple press of a button, your music will be everywhere, in any room.
  • Multi-source – Who said wireless speakers are only for the Computer? The Xeo Hub accepts analogue signals as well as digital signals via Toslink, Coaxial and USB, all of which can be transmitted to your Xeo Link connected system.

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