Have some equipment you'd like to sell?

The Overture Audio 100% Trade-Up Program

The Problem: You'd like to get some great new audio equipment, but you need to unload some of your current gear to make it happen. And, advertising, selling and shipping the old gear is a big hassle.

The Solution: Find somebody crazy enough to do all of that heavy lifting for you, and then give you 100% of the proceeds. And - that somebody is us!

Here's how it works: Bring us your equipment, and we'll work with you to establish a minimum selling price for your component. Next, we'll take high quality photos of your component and compose thoroughly researched and well-written copy for your ad. Once we place the ad on eBay or Audiogon under the Overture Audio banner, we'll begin the process of answering the steady flow of inane emails and phone calls that come with the territory! Once we have found a reliable buyer, we'll arrange payment, and then carry out the packing and shipping of your piece.

As a well established brick and mortar retailer with years of perfect feedback ratings on both eBay and Audiogon, we are likely to get a higher price for your used equipment than you would on your own.

Upon the sale of your equipment, 100% of the sale amount (less eBay or Audiogon fees) will be turned into a store credit with us. If you were to try to sell the gear yourself it would cost you the exact same amount, but with our program you won't have to lift a finger!

The Small Print: To avoid total anarchy, we have a couple of rules.

1) Each component must worth at least $500, and be in proper operating condition with a suitable box and packing materials for safe shipping.

2) Your store credit must be used towards purchasing new equipment of equal or greater value to your store credit.

In-Store Consignment
On-Line Consignment

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