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Overture Audio On-Line Consignment Policy

On-Line Consignment is a great way of selling your audio gear via the internet if you're not willing or able to put in the time and effort required to do it yourself.

Overture Audio has many years of experience in selling used audio on-line. We have found that internet buyers are very comfortable buying from us because we're a well-established brick & mortar store, and we have perfect feedback ratings on both eBay and Audiogon. As a result, we tend to get above average prices for the equipment we sell.

When you bring us a piece to consign, we'll agree upon a minimum selling price for the component. Because our profit is determined by how much we sell the piece for, you can rest assured that we are committed to getting as much as we possibly can for your equipment. Having said that, we still need to price the piece reasonably enough that someone will buy it.

When the piece sells, we will mail you a check for 60% of the selling price. The On-Line Consignment commission rate is only 15% higher than our In-Store Consignment rate even though there's much more time and expense involved in selling equipment on-line. And remember, we are responsible for all expenses incurred in selling your piece, including all eBay or Audiogon fees.

The equipment you're consigning must be in good working order. Please make sure of this before you bring the piece in - even though it's your gear, our reputation is on the line when we sell it. To be on the safe side, we'll test your component before we place our ads - if we discover that the piece does not function properly, you may be responsible for a $30 diagnostic bench fee.

We must have the proper box & packing since we will be shipping the piece. If your component is damaged in shipping, we can't collect insurance from the shipper if they deem the packing insufficient (which they always do). The best way to avoid this is to provide us with the original box & packing, even if you have to purchase it from the manufacturer.

We have found that On-Line Consignment is the best way to sell expensive or unusual equipment. It will give your component exposure to every likely buyer in the nation, whereas with In-Store Consignment, its exposure would be limited to just our walk-in customers. As a result, On-Line Consignment will bring the highest price for your piece, usually within 2-4 weeks.

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