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Overture Audio In-Store Consignment Policy

In-Store Consignment is a popular way of selling your used audio gear with no effort on your part beyond dropping the equipment off at our store.

Here at Overture Audio, we have a room dedicated to selling trade-in and consignment equipment. When you bring us a piece to sell, we'll agree upon an asking price for the component. When the piece sells, we will mail you a check for 75% of the selling price. There is a minimum commission fee of $25.00 for consignment equipment. Therefore, unless your piece sells for at least $100, you won't receive a full 75% payout. Because our profit is determined by how much we sell the piece for, you can rest assured that we are committed to getting as much as we can for your equipment.

Having said that, we still need to price the piece reasonably enough that someone will buy it. If your consignment piece is on display for 90 days with no takers, we'll need to drop the price by at least 20%, or have you take the piece back from us.

When you drop your component off, we can also agree upon a "bottom line price" which will be known only to our staff. Having a bottom line price enables us to have some discretion in lowering the price for a potential buyer without having to contact you for permission. Your piece may be played for potential buyers here in our store, but it won't leave the store without your permission until it sells.

The equipment you're consigning must be in good working order. Please make sure of this before you bring the piece in - even though it's your gear, our reputation is on the line when we sell it. If we discover that the piece does not function properly after you consign it, you may be responsible for a $30 diagnostic bench fee. It isn't absolutely necessary to have the original box & packing since we will not be shipping the piece. However, having all of the boxes, manuals, remotes, and wires that the piece originally came with will typically increase its value.

We have found that in-store consignment tends to work best with low to mid priced equipment, or with products that Overture Audio has been an authorized dealer for. If you have an expensive or unusual component that Overture Audio has never been a dealer for, it's possible that our On-Line Consignment Program or our 100% Trade-Up Program would be better venues for selling your piece.
These programs will give much more exposure to your component than it will get here in our store, where its exposure will be limited to our walk-in customers.

Trade-Up Program
On-Line Consignment

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