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Have some equipment you'd like to sell?

Here at Overture Audio, there are five different ways we can help you sell your used audio equipment! Here is an overview of those 5 methods:

The Overture Audio 100% Trade-Up Program:

This applies to components worth over $500, in good working condition, with proper box, packing, and accessories. The program entitles you to a store credit equaling 100% of the selling price of your piece, less eBay or Audiogon fees. You'll typically have to wait 2-4 weeks for us to sell your piece online, but this method will ultimately net you the largest amount for your gear. Click this link to find out more about this program.

In-Store Consignment:

We have a dedicated room in the store where we sell gear on consignment. The equipment needs to be in proper working order, and preferably worth over $100. When we sell your component, we'll send you a check for 75% of the selling price. We can afford to take a modest commission because this method requires only a modest amount of time and effort on our part. We both win if we sell your piece, but there's no guarantee of how quickly it will happen, or for how much. Click this link to find out more about this program.

On-Line Consignment:

The qualifications for On-Line Consignment are similar to our 100% Trade-Up Program - a minimum component value of $500, in good working condition with proper box, packing, and accessories. But, instead of a store credit, you'll receive a check for 60% of the selling price of your component. The commission rate is 15% higher than what we charge for our In-Store Consignments because there's way more trouble and expense involved in selling equipment on-line. This method of selling your gear may be the best route if you have fairly high-end equipment that needs to be be exposed to a nationwide audience in order to bring top dollar. Click this link to find out more about this program.


Overture Audio will often take equipment in on trade. You may not get quite as much for your trade as you would if you consigned it in-store, but it'll be fairly close. And, you get instant gratification - you can be done with it the same day you bring it in, and there's no waiting to see how much or how little it sells for.

Sell it to us outright:

This is not the best idea unless you need the money fast, and you're not interested in buying anything from us at that time. You can expect to be offered about 50-60% of what your piece might sell for on the open market.

Well, that should give you an idea of the services we can offer. Feel free to contact us for help in choosing which method would work best for you. And, keep in mind that at our discretion, we may be willing to provide some of these services for things other than audio components. Collectable LPs, fly fishing equipment, Porsches…. it can't hurt to ask! (Yes, we've taken all of those things in on trade here at some point!).


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