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Our style of demonstration is different -

With the variety of equipment that we sell, there are hundreds of possible systems that could be created. We don't believe in shoehorning customers into one of a limited number of fixed "package" systems, even though that might make our job a lot easier. When we help you put together a system, we'll do it one step at a time, hooking and unhooking components as needed to take you through the possible choices. Don't feel as though you're putting us out; this is the level of effort and attention we choose to give all of our customers. We do it this way because it's simply the best way for us to help you appreciate the differences between components.

Here at Overture Audio, you’ll notice that we have only one pair of speakers in the room at a time when we’re demonstrating two-channel equipment. If it's speakers that you're shopping for, you can expect us to move each pair in and out of the demo room for your audition. We're not masochists - there are sound reasons for doing it this way. A demo room with a wall of speakers wired through a switchbox is a recipe for bad sound. The energy from all of the undriven speakers in the room adversely affects the sound of the pair that's playing, and the extra circuitry the signal has to run through makes it harder for you to appreciate the differences between one pair and another. Plus, it's impossible to place any given pair of speakers in its optimum location if you have to make room for a dozen others.

In short, our method requires a little more work on our part, but it’s the most effective way for you to choose a pair of speakers that you'll enjoy for years.

The staff -

Just like the equipment we sell, Overture Audio's staff puts us well ahead of the competition. Unlike the steady stream of rookies you'll see at the mass merchandisers, we have been doing this for a long time. I've been selling audio and home theater here in Ann Arbor since 1981, and everyone working here with me has been at it as long as I have or longer. Overture Audio is very proud that several of our alumni have gone on to careers with some of the best manufacturers and distributors in the industry.
We’re not just resting on all that experience, though – technology changes too quickly for that. We continue to receive in-depth training from our manufacturers, both in our store and at their facilities.

We'd also like for you to know that no one at Overture Audio is paid a commission on their sales. Our staff is salaried, which results in a laid-back, low-pressure atmosphere that’s impossible to achieve in a commission-based store. We also believe that our customers benefit when there isn't any financial motivation for us to recommend one particular product over another. And last, we think it's beneficial for our customers to be able to talk to several different salespeople if they wish, without having to worry about stepping on anyone's toes.


The equipment -

Well, what can we say? Overture Audio has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to having the most involving, musical sounding equipment in every price range we represent. We're definitely not a "product of the month" kind of store; I've personally been selling 5 of the brands that make up the backbone of our store since 1981. And, many of the product lines we represent have been in business for 20 to 40 years. Having confidence that a brand will continue to be in business to support our customers and us is a critical factor in our selection process.

Should you be impressed with stores that carry a huge laundry list of brands? To us, that says "We're not really sure which of these is best; why don't you figure it out yourself?" It's hard for a store to help you choose the best gear when they haven't managed to do it for themselves. Overture Audio is known for having a limited, focused lineup of brands. It has always been our mission to determine which products are the very best in their respective price ranges - we've already done 95% of your homework!

A great facility for auditioning equipment -

When we built our new Ann Arbor store here on Stadium Boulevard in 2013, we designed 4 different environments that we use for demonstrations. Our lobby is 24 feet wide and over 40 feet long, and we always have a simple, great sounding system set up in that space, along with an excellent headphone and computer audio demonstration area. Off of the lobby, we have three purpose-built rooms for two-channel and home theater demonstrations.

demonstration rooms -

These rooms are designed to represent typical sized listening and viewing environments. Studios A and B are identical medium-sized rooms - approximately 21 feet by 14 feet with 9-foot ceilings. Studio A is used for home theater demonstrations as well as two channel auditioning. Studio B is dedicated to only 2-channel audio, and is usually the busiest room in the store. Studio C is a considerably larger space - roughly 25 feet by 17 feet with a 10-foot ceiling. This is where we usually demonstrate our larger 2-channel
systems, but it's an excellent room for a projector-based theater as well.

An easy location to find -

Overture Audio is located at 2460 W. Stadium Boulevard in Ann Arbor. We're on the east side of Stadium Boulevard, across the street from Westgate shopping center, Zingerman's Roadhouse, and The Quarter Bistro. The store is only about a quarter-mile from the Jackson Road exit on I-94. On the north side of the store, we have a lot with plenty of reserved parking for our customers - a rare commodity in Ann Arbor!

Click on this link for MapQuest driving directions.

Accommodating store hours -

Monday Closed
Tuesday 11 - 7
Wednesday 11 - 7
Thursday 11 - 7
Friday 11 - 7
Saturday 10 - 6
Sunday Closed

In addition, we're always happy to arrange an appointment outside our regular store hours for your convenience.

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